Mission and strategy


Effective use of distribution-grid assets of the Company, support of their reliability and attraction of the investment resources for the benefit of each shareholder and the Company as a whole.


The strategic goals of the Company are the basic guidelines, both for daily activity, and for Company's development. They focus the Company on the things that are necessary for the realization of its mission.
The strategic goals were formulated on the basis of opportunities analysis, role and the potential of the Company, external factors, opportunities and threats for the realization of Company's mission, and also the best domestic and world practices in the sphere of distribution-grid operation in electric power industry.

The strategic purposes of the issuer:
- system reliability and safety assurance, for the support of sustainable functioning of the distribution grid complex of the region, safe operation of the basic and auxiliary equipment and constructions, prevention of emergency situations for the life of people;
- steady development of quality and amount of power transmission services, ecological safety assurance that should promote Company's growth, together with simultaneous creation of the infrastructural basis for the region's economic development;
- Company's coast growth, stipulating the sustainable increase of incomes, profit growth, expansion and qualitative updating of a Company's activities portfolio that should provide shareholders' interests satisfaction, make the Company and its projects attractive in terms of investments, and also allow to evaluate the productivity of resources use and management work quality.