The Charter capital of IDGC of Volga, JSC amounting to 18,830,795,873.28 roubles is divided into 188,307,958,732.807941 shares with a par value of 10 kopecks each.

Shares issue are registered  in Regional branch of the Federal Service on Financial Markets in South-East region as of  October 10, 2007, state registration number 1-01-04247-E.

Additional issues of securities are registered by the Bank of Russia on December 17, 2015 and Novenber 1. 2016. Both issues were assigned a state registration number  1-01-042-47-E.

   Type and category of securities  Quantity, pcs
 The number of voting shares  Nominal ordinary stocks  188,307,958,732.807941
 The number of shares held at the disposal  of the Company  0
 The number of shares controlled by the
 Company legal entities

Information on the possibility of acquisition or acquisition by certain shareholders of a degree of control disproportionate to their participation in the authorized capital of the company, including on the basis of shareholders ' agreements or due to the presence of ordinary and preferred shares with different nominal values

 Shareholders of IDGC of Volga, PJSC may enter into joint-stock agreements, including those providing for obtaining by any shareholder a degree of control disproportionate to their participation in the authorized capital. The company did not place preference shares or ordinary shares of different nominal value.


 Information about the declared shares (quantity, category (type):
According to paragraph 4.6. of article 4 of the Company's articles of association:The Company declares in addition to the issued shares  10,375,560,679?192059 ( ten billion three hundred seventy five million five hundred sixty six hundred thousand six hundred seventy nine whole, one hundred ninety two thousand fifty nine million) pieces of ordinary registered shares with a nominal value of 10 (ten) kopecks each for a total amount of nominal value of 1, 037, 556, 067 (one billion thirty seven million five hundred fifty six thousand sixty seven) rubles

Registered ordinary shares declared by the company for placing provide their holders with the rights stipulated by paragraph 6.2. this constitution.»

Currently, the company's shares are listed in the second level quotation list (securities code - MRKV) of the stock market of Moscow exchange, PJSC.

Information about the rights given by the shares of each category (type):
According to paragraph 6.2. of article 6 of the Company's articles of association:
Each ordinary registered share of the Company gives to the shareholder - to its owner the identical volume of rights.
Shareholders-owners of ordinary registered stocks of the Company are entitled to:
1) participate personally or via representatives in the General meeting shareholders of the Company having the right to vote on all questions of their competence;
2) make suggestions to the agenda of the general meeting by the order stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the present Articles;
3) receive information about Company's activity and get acquainted with documents of the Company in accordance with article 91 of the Federal law "On joint-stock companies", other normative legal certificates and the present Articles;
4) receive dividends declared by the Company;
5) primary acquirement of additional shares placed by means of a subscription and the issue securities convertible into the shares, in the amount proportional to the amount of ordinary shares belonging to them, in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
6) receive a part of its property, in case of Company's dissolution;
7) carry out other rights stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the present Articles."

In conformity with the notification of Non-commercial partnership "National Depository Center" dated 25.03.2008 No. E-11/2108 IDGC of Volga, PJSC securities were given the identification Code ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) - RU000A0JPPN4


According to the decision of Management of JSC MICEX Stock Exchange (Minutes No. 89 as of 11.07.2012 and Minutes No. 67 as of  07.06.2013) the decision on the admission to the auction in the course of placement with passing of procedure of listing by a way of inclusion to the section «Quoted list "A" of the second level» of exchange bonds of  IDGC of Volga, JSC is made.

The company has issued the following exchange-traded bonds:
- 4B02-03-04247-E as of 07.06.2013;
- 4B02-04-04247-E as of 07.06.2013;
- 402-05-04247- as of 07.06.2013;
- 402-06-04247- as of 07.06.2013.

These bonds are included in the Quotation list of the third loss in PJSC "Moscow exchange"

Exchange bonds program:  4-04247--001P-02E- as of 17.03.2017.