Information for Shareholders

"Rosseti Volga", Public Joint-Stock Company provides to shareholders and other interested persons access to the information according to the legislation and (or) other statutory acts of the Russian Federation, the Charter and internal documents of the Company.
According to item 2.9. of the Bank of Russia on December, 30, 2014 454/ "Rosseti Volga", Public Joint-Stock Company gives copies of documents, under the written requirement of the owner of securities or other interested person for a payment which is not exceeding expenses on manufacturing of such copy, in time no more than 7 days from the date of a presentation of the corresponding requirement.
According to accounting on manufacturing of copies of documents cost of manufacturing of a copy of one sheet A4 makes - 3,00 RUR.

Bank requisites for the payment of expenses, the copies of documents connected with manufacturing:

Location: 42/44 Pervomayskaya street, Saratov, 410031
Identification number of the tax bearer: 6450925977
Code of the reason of statement on the account: 997450001
Addressee: "Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Volga", Public Joint-Stock Company
Settlement account: 40702810256020102436
Correspondent account: 30101810200000000607
Bank identification code: 043601607

Requirements about granting of copies of documents can be directed:

fax: (8452 28-34-82;
postal address: 42/44 Pervomayskaya street, Saratov, 410031

 The copies of documents may be recieved:
- by postmail;
in the Department of Corporate governance and shareholders' relations of «Rosseti Volga»,  PJSC (phone +7 (8452) 30-25-31).