Board of Directors

        The Society board is responsible for practical realisation of the purposes, strategy of development and a policy of the Society and presides at current activity of the Society within the limits of the competence defined by the Charter of the Society, decisions of General meeting of shareholders and Society Board of directors.

         The primary goals of Board of the Society are:

- Maintenance of observance of the rights and legitimate interests of shareholders of the Society;
- Working out of offers on strategy of development of the Society;
- Realisation of a financial and economic policy of the Society, development of decisions on its major questions current economic - activity and coordination of work of its divisions;
- Increase of efficiency of systems of the internal control and monitoring of risks;
- Maintenance of achievement of high level of profitableness of actives of the Society and the maximum profit on Society activity.


Regulations  on the Board of Directors of IDGC of Volga, PJSC