Rosseti Group Allocated 71.5 Billion Rubles to Finance the 2021 Renovation Campaign

17 november 2021

The measures to prepare Rosseti Group's electrical power networks for reliable operation in the autumn-winter season (AWS) have been implemented by 100%. Compared to the previous year, the volume of financing for the repair program has increased by 1.6 billion rubles - up to 71.5 billion rubles. Andrey Ryumin, Director General of PJSC Rosseti, spoke about this at the All-Russian Session On the Progress of Preparation of Electricity Industry Entities for the AWP 2021–2022 chaired by Nikolay Shulginov, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, and Irek Faizullin, Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation.

 "In many service regions, winter has actually begun. The key task for Rosseti Group's companies is to ensure the reliability of power supply in all weather conditions. The timely implementation of the repair program, the readiness of equipment and personnel to promptly respond to emergency situations will ensure the necessary conditions for the successful passage of the autumn-winter season", emphasized Andrey Ryumin.

 All companies of Rosseti Group have a 100% emergency stock of equipment and materials. In their reserve there are 6,328 mobile power sources with a total capacity of over 501 MW. To eliminate possible emergency situations, 9,832 emergency response and restoration teams have been formed, the readiness of 47,536 specialists and 24,041 special equipment items has been ensured.

 As part of the repair program, Rosseti Group's power engineers have installed 958,056 new insulators on power transmission lines. To reduce the risks of falling trees on wires and the occurrence of surface fires, 157,587 hectares of power transmission lines have been cleared of dry vegetation. 7,407 power transformers, 42,888 switching devices, 39,097 transformer substations have been repaired. The physical volume of work on all key positions has increased compared to the level of 2020.