Rosseti Went Public About the ESG Agenda in the Power Grid

26 november 2021
Egor Prokhorov, Deputy Director General for Strategy of PJSC Rosseti, spoke about the role of Rosseti Group's companies in the sustainable development agenda at the strategic session of the conference "ESG Investments in Russia: Towards a Green Economy", organized by Vedomosti newspaper.

 Within Rosseti Group, the implementation of the ESG agenda in various forms has been going on for a long time, taking into account the potential effect that may be exerted on electricity consumers and tariff consequences:

 Egor Prokhorov recalled that Rosseti Group is already making a significant contribution to the decarbonization of the Russian economy by implementing measures to reduce network losses. Besides, the company is deeply involved in projects related to energy transition: ensures the output of renewable energy generation capacity (in 2021, the largest wind farm in the Russian Federation - Kochubeevskaya, 210 MW, was connected, as well as Bondarevskaya wind farm, 120 MW, etc.), adapts the network to the changing needs of consumers, implements a large-scale program for the construction of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles with the prospect of covering 30 large cities and 30 key highways of the country by 2025, in total the company plans to install more than 1,000 charging stations by this time.

 Factors for an effective ESG implementation:

 Formation of a unified methodology and standards for assessing ESG criteria by the regulator, banking community, rating agencies in order to make effective investment decisions.

 Creation of real financial incentives for companies to increase their ESG investments (at the moment, "green" transactions are "image" in nature).

 Promoting sustainable development activities and raising awareness among employees about the value of ESG.