Power engineers of the Chuvashenergo branch summed up the results of the investment program for 2021

26 january 2022

m31_2608.jpgIn 2021, power engineers of Chuvashenergo, Branch of Rosseti Volga, PJSC implemented several production programs that are the priority for the development of the regional energy system. Among the key facilities is the installation of an innovative quick-response and information center in the operational and dispatching service of the Alatyrsky PD and modernization of the dispatcher board in the Alatyrsky PDZ.

This is a modern digital center that will enhance control over the operation of power facilities in the city of Alatyr and Alatyrsky, Poretsky, Krasnochetaysky, and Shumerlinsky districts of the republic, significantly reduce the time necessary to eliminate emergency situations and expand the capabilities of dispatch services. Within the framework of the project “Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan Highway under Development” (highway M-12), an agreement was concluded between the Chuvashenergo branch and the Rosavtodor State Corporation on compensation in the amount of 46.3 million rubles in terms of the transfer of six 10 kV OLs and three 110 kV OLs of the branch in the route construction zone (Shumerlinsky, Komsomolsky, and Ibresinsky districts).

In 2021, all construction and installation work of power engineers at this facility was completed. In various regions of the Chuvash Republic, about 9 MVA of transformer capacity and 57 km of power transmission lines of all voltage classes were put into operation. Inter alia, for preferential technological connection, approximately 39 km of power transmission lines were reconstructed and built, and 5 MVA of transformer capacity were commissioned. Power engineers also provided electricity to ten rural health posts and agricultural enterprises in the regions of Chuvashia. About 15,000 smart meters have been installed, including 770 with remote readings. In total, 634 million rubles were allocated for the implementation of the investment program in 2021.