Rosseti Volga actively implements the concept "Digital Transformation-2030" by Rosseti, PJSC

14 february 2020

it.jpgSpecialists of Rosseti Volga (brand of IDGC of Volga, PJSC) began implementing major projects planned as part of the Concept of Rosseti PJSC – Digital Transformation – 2030. The goal is a complete “reflashing” of the energy complex through the transition to digital technologies.

The period of performance of the program activities is the next ten years. This year, Rosseti Volga implements several projects at once. Within the framework of the “Digital Company Management” direction, it is planned to modernize the 1C payroll calculation and personnel management system. The system is being rebuilt taking into account the legal requirements, the working p

ractices of the company, as well as global trends in the development of digital approaches to the personnel management. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase the efficiency of arrangement of the work of company employees. Currently, a design solution is being developed. In the second direction, the system of production assets management will be improved. The techniques underlying the automation of production asset management and developed by the Ministry of Energy are the same for all subsidiaries of Rosseti PJSC. Each power grid facility is currently digitized, with recording its information in the automated system. Based on this information, the technical condition index of particular equipment is calculated, on the basis of which a decision is taken on including it in the repair program. In addition, the technical condition index is also used in calculating the readiness of the entire power grids for work in the autumn-winter period. In 2020, the introduction of the “Digital Electrician” technology will continue. The work of specialists is completely transferred to a digital platform – from obtaining information about the facility to the final result. The electrician enters all the data into the tablet, which is connected to the production asset management system.

The purpose of the direction is getting away from paper reporting and increasing the productivity of employees by one order. Currently, the project is undergoing a “test run” at facilities in the Pravoberezhnoye PD of the Saratov Grids branch. This year, it is also planned to introduce a geographic information system (GIS) designed to collect, store, analyze and visualize data on company resources with their reference to the locality: substations, overhead lines, emergency repair teams, motor vehicles, etc. Such digital locality maps showing resources are indispensable in the work of chief engineers, the technical unit of the company as a whole.

“The concept of digital transformation of Rosseti is a new word in organizing the work of the country's energy complex,” emphasizes Vadim Guryanov, the Head of the Department of Corporate and Technological ACS of Rosseti Volga. The information technology is a tool. With its help, basic business processes are transformed and their effectiveness is increased. The ultimate goal of all transformations in the energy sector is to create an infrastructure, the work of which will increase the quality, reliability and accessibility of electricity transmission services.”