Goals and Tasks of RF Electric Power Industry Restructuring


Goals and tasks of Russian electric power industry restructuring are defined by the Regulation of the Government No. 526 dated July 11, 2001 “On Restructuring of Electric Power Industry of the Russian Federation.”
The basic goals of restructuring:
- to ensure sustainable functioning and development of the economy and social sphere;
- to increase efficiency of power energy production and consumption;
- to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply for consumers.

The strategic task of restructuring is to transfer electric power industry into sustainable development mode on the basis of advanced technologies and market principles of functioning, to ensure on this basis reliable and economically effective satisfaction of solvent demand for electric and heat power in the short and long term perspective.

The basic tasks of restructuring are:
- to create competitive power energy markets in the regions of Russia in which the creation of such markets is technically feasible;
- to create efficient mechanism for cost reduction in electric power production (generation), transmission and distribution, to enhance financial condition of companies in the industry;
- to promote energy saving in all economic spheres; to create favorable conditions for construction and operation of new capacities for electric power production (generation) and transmission;
- to eliminate step-by-step cross-subsidization of different regions of the country and power consumer groups;
- to create system for support of disadvantaged population;
- to preserve and develop single power engineering infrastructure which includes trunk grids and dispatch control;
- to demonopolize market of fuel for heat power plants;
- to create regulatory and legal framework for industry restructuring which will regulate its functioning in new economic conditions;
- to restructure the system of government regulation, management and supervision in electric power industry;

- to specify status, competence and procedure of work of authorized state body.