A working meeting between Mikhail Mishustin, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, and Andrey Ryumin, Director General of PJSC Rosseti was held

1 july 2021

 From the transcript:

Mikhail Mishustin: Dear Andrey Valeryevich!

mishustin_i_rumin.jpg The Rosseti company, which you recently headed, is one of the backbone companies in our country. You work in 80 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and, in fact, provide energy supply to the entire country.

The current period of hot weather has complicated the situation a lot. In fact, this can be compared with the difficult winter period, when all power grid companies are operating at full capacity, since air conditioners and fans work instead of heaters. All this leads to increased energy consumption, and the load on the system is enormous. In addition, due to the coronavirus, many companies are now switching people to remote work, and energy consumption at home is seriously increasing.

 In these conditions, it is crucial that people feel the reliability of our energy system. We know that you are doing a lot for this. I would like you to tell us how things are in general.

Andrey Ryumin: Dear Mikhail Vladimirovich! As you have already said, the company is active in 80 regions, these are 15 subsidiary electric grid companies. We currently operate about 530 thousand substations with a total transformer capacity of more than 800 thousand. MVA, almost 2.5 million km of power lines.

In our activity, especially in the last six months, we are faced with anomalous natural phenomena. Of course, this affects the operation of our equipment, which does not withstand such temperatures in certain places. But we are introducing special operating modes and make every effort to ensure that our consumers do not have problems with electricity supply.

Mikhail Mishustin: Another important area of your activity is serious work during the autumn-winter period, no one has canceled it, you need to prepare for it. Please, let me know how matters stand with this preparation. Of course, we are talking not only about testing the network condition, but checking the entire power supply infrastructure for the winter.

 A. Ryumin: In our work, the autumn-winter period is the most difficult period of the year. Right now we are preparing all our equipment, special-purpose machines, and diesel generator units for the next autumn-winter period. Now, if we talk about the preparation schedule, we are performing ahead of schedule, since 120% of the work according to the preparation plan for the autumn-winter period has been completed. This includes the full completion of the entire emergency stock and all brigades, we have about 10 thousand brigades numbering almost 50 thousand people, as well as special vehicles - more than 50 thousand units, including diesel generator units with a total capacity of more than 500 MW. By the next autumn-winter period, we want to increase the number of diesel generator units and their capacity.

 This year, our budget for repair and maintenance program amounts to over RUB 71 billion. In general, I can say that we are fully on schedule. By October 1, all the main preparations for the autumn-winter period will be completed.

 Mikhail Mishustin: I would also like to hear from you about the progress of a number of infrastructure projects. The company has lots of them, but, perhaps, the most important one is working on the BAM and Transsib, of which the President of Russia spoke in great detail, giving relevant instructions for implementing all our projects related to the BAM and Transsib, including power supply.

In addition, you are rebuilding the Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan road. I know that this work is in full swing.

 And of course, your work related to wind power generation in the Southern Federal District is of particular importance.

 How are you progressing on these important anchor projects for your company?

 A. Ryumin: Mikhail Vladimirovich, as regards the investment program, we have it very ambitious this year. In terms of money, this is more than 370 billion rubles. If we refer specifically to the strategic projects included in this year’s investment program, then, as you rightly said, the power supply of the Eastern range, BAM and Transsib are in the first place. This includes the Kola-Karelian transit line. This is a very important project that will ensure reliability, as well as the possibility of supplying additional power from the Kola nuclear power plant.

 We have already completed a fairly large amount of work on the scheme for distributing wind power in the southern regions. Most of them are in Rostov region.

I would also like to mention the restructuring of power grids during the construction of the Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan highway. We plan to complete almost all work by the end of this year.

 There is also a large number of facilities for technological connection, we have already connected about 100 thousand facilities from the beginning of the year. These are, of course, large facilities, including oil and gas facilities in Western Siberia, in particular, in Tyumen region. And a large number of connections for social facilities, small and medium-sized businesses, and the population. The total capacity of the facilities already connected this year is approaching 5 thousand MW. And, of course, we have special control over the connection of medical institutions, especially those that accept COVID-19 patients. We have already connected about 400 such facilities this year.

 M. Mishustin: Work on the Comprehensive Plan for the modernization and expansion of infrastructure is a very important area, including for Rosseti. I wish you good luck.