Power engineers of Saratov distribution grids identified 489 facts of power theft since the start of the year

2 october 2018

uurs.jpgThe specialists of the departments for electricity sales of the operating divisions in the Saratov Distribution Grids Branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of Rosseti) continue to combat illegal power consumption. In the period from January to August 2018, 439 facts of the unregistered power consumption in the amount of 4.542 million kWh were recorded.

In all cases, the acts of illegal power consumption were drawn up. As in the same period of 2017, the main volume of illegal consumption fell on legal entities. 50 facts of non-contractual consumption were identified, the volume of which amounted to 131 thousand kW*h. In 41 cases, the electricity was voluntarily consumed by legal entities. In the pre-trial procedure, taking into account the cases revealed in previous periods, about 1.1 million rubles were paid.

The illegal power consumption creates the uncontrolled load on the power grid and decreases the reliability of the power supply to consumers and the quality of electricity. The unauthorized connection is most often performed with safety violations leading to the risk to health and life of not only the power theft, but also other people. The power engineers constantly explain to consumers that the illegal consumption is unprofitable. Article 7.19 of the Code on Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation provides for a fine in the amount of 10 to 15 thousand rubles. In case of breakdown of power grid equipment or property of neighbors, repair costs are imposed on the “energy theft”. And disablement of the power grid facility may lead to the criminal liability.

Combating against off-the-meter and non-contractual consumption of electricity is conducted in all the branches of IDGC of Volga. If you have any information about illegal connection to the power grids, prevent the possible consequences. In this regard you can inform the power distribution zone or by calling the hotline 8-800-775-16-49 (free of charge, privacy is guaranteed).