Future power engineers got acquainted with the work of the Grid Management Center of Mordovenergo branch

28 november 2019

profstazhirovka_rosseti_volga_2.jpgPower engineers of Rosseti Volga (brand of Rosseti Volga) organized an excursion for students of N.P. Ogarev Institute of Mechanics and Energy of Moscow State University and A.I. Polezhaev Saransk College of Energy and Electronic Technology.

The event was held as part of the All-Russian project "Internships 2.0" with the support of the platform "Russia-the country of opportunities" and the All-Russian Popular Front. Students of the specialty "Power plants, grids and systems" got acquainted with the work of the Grid Management Center of the branch and key services included in its structure.

Deputy Head of the Grid Management Center (GMC) - Head of the Central Dispatch Service Alexey Rybkin told about the structure of the center, its functions, and the tasks that employees perform. The students visited the central dispatching service, where the central control center dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day and continuously monitor and manage the power equipment and electrical grids located in the operational responsibility zone of the Mordovenergo branch. Aleksey Rybkin in practice demonstrated the operation of the program complex, talked about the procedure for putting equipment into repair, about the actions of the dispatch service in the conditions of emergency recovery work, about compliance with safety measures at power facilities and labor protection.

The excursionists not only visually got acquainted with the work of power engineers, but also were able to get answers to many questions about the specifics of work in the Mordovenergo branch, the knowledge and skills necessary for the power engineer, working and resting conditions, and social support. According to Lyudmila Anyutina, regional coordinator for expert project work of All-Russia People’s Front, the purpose of "Days in a Profession" campaign is to introduce students to a potential employer company in their region, to orient them by the places of practical training and internships in their field of study. Such events also contribute to career guidance for young people who want to continue their studies at the university, in graduate school. The students themselves believe that a visit to the energy enterprise is a great opportunity to learn about the specifics of the work, get acquainted with the power engineers and learn from their experience.