Repair campaign of Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids has entered final straight

19 september 2019

_dsc0312.jpgPower engineers of the Rosseti Volga branch (brand of IDGC of Volga, PJSC) - Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids sum up the interim results of the repair program of 2019. Timely and high-quality implementation of all planned measures within the framework of the repair campaign contributes to the reliability and efficiency of the power grid complex in Ulyanovsk region, and is one of the main conditions for the successful preparation of the branch to work in the autumn-winter period of 2019/2020.

For the eight months of the current year, employees of the Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids branch have already repaired 1946 km of 0.4-10 kV overhead power lines (OPL) and 684.5 km of 35-110 kV OPL. 2 transformers of 110 kV, 6 switches of 110-220 kV were repaired. Also, power engineers have fully completed the repair of 25 substations of 110/35/6-10 kV and 607 transformer substations of 6-10/0.4 kV. Works are continuing at the Naleyka, Chamzinka, Mayna, Terenga, Tsilna, Staraya Kulatka, Novocheremshansk, Mullovka substations and Ulyanovsk-Tsilna, Surskaya-1, Ulyanovsk-Yazykovo, Ulyanovskaya TPP2 - 1M high-voltage overhead lines, etc.

An important component of the repair program is the clearing of power lines from tree and shrub vegetation. This year, more than 473 hectares have already been cleared. All works are proceeding without deviation from the planned schedule. Before the start of the final checks of the branch's readiness for the period of maximum loads, power engineers have less than a month left. During this time, they shall complete the main works planned for this year and eliminate the comments identified during the preliminary inspections.