Penzaenergo has held exercises on liquidation of emergency situations

13 september 2019

brigada1.jpgEmployees of the Rosseti Volga branch (brand of IDGC of Volga, PJSC) - Penzaenergo held a training on the topic " Liquidation of emergency situations on the territory of Penza region caused by a violation of power supply during the frontal passage." According to the legend of exercises on the territory of Penza and Kamensky districts of Penza region increase of wind with gusts up to 22-25 m/s, downpour at the air temperature of +8 degrees were observed. At 10.00 the Command unit of the branch received the first information about the outages: in the zone of responsibility of Penzensky PD 24 OPL 6-10 kV were left "without voltage", in Kamensky PD – 13. Operational groups identified the main damage - wire breakage, falling poles of OPL.

Given the scale and nature of the damage, 19 emergency recovery teams of the Penzaenergo branch were involved in restoration of power supply by the decision of the Command unit. In addition, 16 brigades were requested to assist in the implementation of ERW from the branches of Rosseti Volga - Saratov Distribution Grids, Mordovenergo and Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids, 4 brigades of contractors, additional forces and means of road organizations, on the basis of Cooperation Agreements. The reserve sources of supply with the electric power (diesel generators) are directed to socially important objects in the de-energized settlements. In addition, temporary information centers have been established in the RESs of each of the de-energized districts of the region, where you can learn about the progress and timing of the restoration of power supply. More than 300 people and more than 100 units of equipment were involved in the exercises. According to the plan of the exercises, the power supply of the damaged settlements was completed within one day.

Exercises on the organization of interaction in the course of liquidation of emergency situations, the implementation of measures to prevent and eliminate complex technological violations by the forces and means of mobile units and contractors are regularly held in the Penzaenergo branch. Among the main goals of the exercises - determination of opportunities of the branch on deployment of maximum number of own brigades, contractor organizations, the Field Office of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters of Penza region, resources of administrations of municipal districts of the region, additional forces and funds, at organization and conducting emergency and recovery works, organization of clear interaction between all units, participating in ERW. In addition, the exercises are aimed at identifying ways and measures to reduce the time to obtain access to brigades, studying the organization and placement of brigades, ensuring their living conditions during ERW at remote power facilities. Similar trainings are held in all branches of Rosseti Volga.