Ulyanovsk power engineers told about energy saving and electrical safety rules

10 september 2019

_dsc0155.jpgEmployees of the branch "Rosseti Volga" (brand of PJSC "MRSK Volga") - "Ulyanovsky networks" organized an entertainment and cognitive platform for citizens within the regional stage of the All-Russian festival "Together brighter." The event was timed to celebrate the Day of the City of Ulyanovsk.

The Corporation of development of a housing-and-municipal complex of the Ulyanovsk region acted as organizers of a festival. The branch "Ulyanovsky Networks" for the third year actively supports the initiative and is a permanent participant of regional energy saving measures. The thematic photo zone with the possibility to try on the real equipment of electromonters, cognitive game-brooding with a giant cube for babies, coloring, rebuses, crosswords, as well as commemorative souvenirs and gifts to all participants were expected by citizens on the site of celebration of the City Day near the main square. Volunteers from the Ulyanovsky Railway Technical School helped energy workers entertain babies and their parents.

The most popular entertainment by tradition was photography in the suit of an electrician, someone modestly tried only a helmet or jacket, and only the most curious decided to wear full equipment together with trousers, dielectric bots and gloves. Rebuses, problems and crosswords from energy engineers aroused genuine interest not only in babies, but also in their parents. All day on the platform there was a festive atmosphere and a beautiful mood for all participants. At this, participation in the festival "Together Brighter" for Ulyanovsk energy engineers does not end. Together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ulyanovsk region, they have yet to conduct energy conservation lessons in several educational institutions of the city. For the third year in a row we willingly accept the invitation to become participants of the All-Russian energy saving festival "Together brighter."

Year after year we notice how the festival grows and expands, more and more platforms and activities for citizens. We hope that our platform will be able not only to entertain residents and guests of the city on the holiday, but also will contribute to literacy and awareness of the population in issues related not only to energy saving and energy efficiency, but also, importantly for us, in issues of electrical safety, especially among children and teenagers, "- said Sergey Frolov, Director of the branch of Ulyanovsky Networks.