The debt of the regional enterprises to Mordovenergo exceeded 410 million rubles

10 september 2019

54ekk.jpgOver a long period of time, a number of consumers of the Republic of Mordovia continue to violate their liabilities to pay for electric power transmission services to the Rosseti Volga branch (brand of IDGC of Volga, PJSC) - Mordovenergo. The situation with accounts receivable is becoming more critical every month. Thus unscrupulous contractors not only do not seek to reduce debt, but also increase it, ignoring the current legislation, contractual liabilities and claim requirements from Mordovenergo.

As at September 5, 2019, the total debt of counterparties to the Rosseti Volga branch (brand of IDGC of Volga, PJSC) - Mordovenergo for electric power transmission services in the Republic of Mordovia is 410.36 million rubles. Among them, 185.56 million rubles -overdue debt, 224.80 million rubles -operational debt for August 2019. Mordovenergo branch has repeatedly expressed concern about constantly disrupting the terms of payment by Mordovia Energy Retail Company PJSC (debt for 3 billing periods), TF Watt JSC (debt for 4 billing periods), MP Gorsvet (debt for 10 billing periods), Mordovskaya Power Grid JSC (debt for 5 billing periods), Saransk Mechanical Plant FTE (debt for 11 billing periods). The Headquarters at the Government of the Republic of Mordovia for ensuring electricity supply safety was informed about this unfavorable situation.

This issue has been repeatedly raised at the level of the Regional Government. IDGC of Volga, PJSC performs all necessary actions on a monthly basis for pre-trial settlement of the issue of debt repayment and debt collection in court, but this way of solving the problem requires a long time, while financing of works on preparation for AWP is required immediately. Rosseti Volga continues to faithfully fulfill its obligations to consumers and its own counterparties and suffers financial losses, while its debtors continue to ignore payment discipline.