Ulyanovsk power-sector specialists repair high-voltage power lines

1 august 2017

12333456.jpgEmployees of Ulyanovsk Distribution Grids (UDG), a branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of Rosseti Group), continue the repair works at high-voltage power lines. To date, UDG's crews have already repaired 498 km of overhead power transmission lines with the voltage of 35–110 kV.
By the beginning of the autumn and winter season, another 299 km of power lines will be furbished up. Since the beginning of the repair campaign, UDG's crews have replaced the lightning protection cable at the railroad crossing, repaired and straightened reinforced concrete supports, and have replaced vibration dampers at 110 kV Novomalykla — Aleksandrovka high-voltage power line.
The faulty insulation was replaced at 110 kV Veshkayma — Chufarovo high-voltage power line in June. The repair works at 110 kV Yazykovo — Karsun power line are about to be completed. UDG's crews replace previously detected faulty insulators at all high-voltage power lines, restore anti-corrosion coating of metal supports, furbish up the grounding circuit, and attach information and safety signs. The repair works will be starting at strategically important power transmission lines (110 kV Ulyanovsk CHP-2 — 1M and Novoobraztsovaya — Klin) and Barysh — Inza — Umys transit line soon.
Five sections of the lighting protection cable at 110 kV Terenga — Krotkovo — Elaur power line will be replaced in August, as the area covered by this line is often affected by thunderstorms. UDG's repair program mainly aims at increased reliability and operational efficiency of the electric grid complex in the Ulyanovsk region. In the event of successful and timely implementation of all planned measures, UDG will obtain a certificate of preparedness for operations during the 2017/2018 autumn and winter period.