Penzaenergo branch provided electricity supply for low-rise villages

1 october 2021

maloeazh.jpgPenzaenergo, Branch of Rosseti Volga, PJSC, provided electricity supply for 37 low-rise buildings for specialists in the agricultural sector in the village of Krivosheevka of the Nizhnelomovskiy district.

Power suppliers have built a branch 10 kV OL with a length of 0.08 km, five 0.4 kV OLs with a total length of more than 2.23 km, as well as two 10/0.4 kV kiosk-type transformer substations (TS) with a capacity of 630 kVA each. 0.4 kV overhead lines are made of self-supporting insulated wire, which increases the reliability of power supply. TS are equipped with the state-of-the-art electricity metering systems, smart metering devices are installed on the ownership demarcation point.

The village will receive electricity from the large main substation 10/10/6 kV Zavodskaya MS of the Nizhnelomovskiy production department of Penzaenergo Branch. The maximum total capacity of the village's power receivers, according to engineering calculations, will be 2.3 MW.

The project for the construction of a modern village is being implemented within the framework of the state program "Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas" with the support of the government of the Penza region and a company representing the agro-industrial complex. The housing stock is designed to accommodate more than 500 people.