Rossewti Volga will switch to the Digital Company Management Model by 2030

14 february 2020

dv_wzi2w0aacmy_.jpgRosseti Volga (brand of IDGC of Volga) has adopted a digital transformation program of the company for 2020–2030.

Over the next decade, power enery specialists will work in 14 key areas of technological process control, digital company management, development of additional services and information security. The result of the program implementation will be an increase in the reliability, quality, accessibility of the provision of electricity transmission and technological connection services through the introduction of digital technologies.

The program provides for the transition from the "manual control" and partial automation to the automatic control of the power grid complex through software and hardware systems from the Unified Telecom Center. Systems and communication grids of the digital electric network will be widely used. In order to further increase the effectiveness of the company work, a unified geographic information system (EGIS) with the display of information about existing facilities and other information will be created. Until 2024, the first highly automated distribution grids areas and digital substations equipped with an intelligent monitoring and control system will be commissioned in the regions of responsibility of Rosseti Volga.

At the moment, the testing of technical digital solutions based on the company's energy facilities in the Ulyanovsk and Orenburg Regions is being conducted. Elements of digitalization are also being actively introduced in the reconstruction of energy facilities of all company’s branches.

Within the next decade, the power enery specialists will continue to modernize the electricity metering system. The ultimate goal is to provide 100% of the level of being provided with equipment with smart metering devices along the borders of the balance participation. From 2020 to 2030, the power enery specialists will install about 1 million 152 thousand modern metering devices. That, in turn, will allow saving of 394 million kWh of electricity and 17 billion rubles.

Power engineers also plan to introduce the “Digital Electrician” technology, to modernize the Glonass system at the company's fleet, to create an operational assets management system, and to develop an information security system. The digital technology will become widespread in the branches of in Rosseti Volga by the end of 2030. According to the results of the implementation of the digital transformation program for the power grid complex, the power enery specialists expect an increase in labor productivity of about 30%.