Cosumers of Mordovia support the installation of intelligent electricity metering instruments

14 february 2020

img_7323.jpgMordovenergo branch of Rosseti Volga (brand of IDGC of Volga, PJSC) completed the installation of modern metering devices in settlements of 8 regions of the Republic as part of the investment program. A total of 1,888 smart meters have been installed. The expected effect is total saving of almost 9.5 million kWh per year.

Residents of the suburban village of Lyambir have already experienced the economic benefits of such innovations. Representatives of the district center spoke about that at the meeting with Vitaly Lyalkin, the Deputy Director for Development and Sales of Services of the Mordovenergo branch. “Smart meters,” manufactured by enterprises of the Russian concern of Energomera, were installed in the village. The metering devices are mounted on supports of the overhead line. This allows the automatic transfer of consumed electricity readings to the center of the sale of services of the Mordovenergo branch.

Such meters are very convenient for residents – they will be able to control the consumption of electricity with the help of a special control board and to choose an acceptable tariff on this basis. The corresponding application is sent to the grid and distribution company. At a meeting with consumers, it was noted that smart meters ensure transparency of payments and improve accounting for energy costs. As part of the tasks of the digital transformation in the energy sector, the installation of smart metering systems will not only fully automate the collection of data on energy consumption, but also eliminate the facts of undue energy consumption. And this will ultimately have a positive effect on the indicators of the quality of electricity in the grids of specific settlements.