Saratov power engineers repaired the 110 kv Gorny-Ershov power transmission line

4 september 2019

opora_300h200.jpg110 kV Gorny-Ershov power transmission line (OPL) is one of the key for the Saratov Volga region. Power engineers of the Rosseti Volga branch (brand of IDGC of Volga, PJSC) - Saratov Distribution Grids replaced more than 1,700 insulators at the Gorny - Emelyanovka OPL and tapping on 110/35/10 kV Miloradovka substation . In necessary cases, new groove and loop clamps, vibration dampers were installed, the foundations of anchor supports were repaired and intermediate supports were straightened, cable ties were adjusted.

In order to eliminate possible technological violations as soon as possible, the numbering and permanent designations on the supports have been updated. As a result of the planned works, the reliability of power supply to 8 settlements of Krasnopartizansky district has been increased. The passage territory of Gorny-Ershov OPL is an area of intensive seasonal migration of birds. In order to prevent their death, the power engineers mounted 300 special bird protection devices (BPD) on OPL.

By preventing planting and nesting on traverses and insulators, protective devices can not only ensure the preservation of bird populations, but also prevent possible technological disruptions in the grid. Often when nesting birds use pieces of wire, the fall of which on the current-carrying parts of the equipment can cause a short circuit. Repair of 110 kV Gorny - Ershov OPL was carried out within the framework of the Rosseti Volga repair program - a set of measures aimed at preparing power grids for operation in the upcoming autumn-winter period of 2019-2020. Currently, mass repair works on power lines and substations continues in all branches of Rosseti Volga.