There is an intensive clearing of forest corridor of overhead lines in the area of responsibility of the Saratov grids branch

23 august 2019

img_0808.jpgPower engineers of the Rosseti Volga branch (brand of IDGC of Volga PJSC) - Saratov Grids are actively implementing the 2019 repair program. One of the most important areas of activity is the clearing of forest corridor of the protective zone of overhead lines (OHL) of power transmission from trees and shrubs.

To increase the efficiency of energy work, mulcher attachments based on Valtra and Merlo tractors are used. It allows to increase productivity significantly and not to remove logging residues that are processed into sawdust. This will reduce labor costs and in the future will favorably affect the condition of the soil. Terex and Kirovets tractors are also involved in the work.

To date, the teams of the Pravoberezhny Production Division (PD) have cleared more than 90 hectares along the 110 kV overhead lines and 170 hectares along the 35 kV overhead lines. According to Viktor Vladimirov, the head of the high-voltage line service, a very difficult terrain is found in some areas of work.

"Sometimes safety equipment similar to what is available in the arsenal of climbers have to be used. The other day, the felling of trees was carried out with the help of chainsaws along the slopes of the ravine, into which it was quite difficult to go down. However, all members of our teams have solid experience in difficult conditions with strict observance of labor protection rules. All this together allows to maintain the work schedule,” Viktor Vladimirov emphasized.

Work at Pravoberezhny PD on clearing 110 kV overhead lines will be completed by the end of August, and 35 kV overhead lines will be completed by the end of September. In total, power engineers of the Saratov Grids branch this year should clear 1092 hectares of OHL protection zones. At the moment, work has been performed on an area of more than 920 hectares with a plan of 890 hectares.