Chuvash power engineers complete large-scale reconstruction of 110/35/10 kV Substation "Katrasi"

1 october 2019

che_1.jpgPower engineers of "Rosseti Volga" branch (brand of PJSC "IDGC of Volga") - "Chuvashenergo" are preparing to complete the reconstruction of the 110/35/10 kV "Katrasi" substation equipment, which supplies electricity to settlements and manufacturing enterprises of Cheboksarsky district of the republic. The main reconstruction works were started and completed in 2018.

This year, power engineers carried out installation of a block-modular building of an indoor/closed switchgear with 10 kV switchgear cabinets and a substation grounding contour, laid power and control cables, installed relay protection cabinets in an operational control center. In 110 kV modules “TPP-3”, “TPP-2”, “Zavolzhskaya”, “HV-110”, “T-2” the oil circuit breakers were replaced by modern SF6 dead-tank oil circuit-breaker. The operation to replace the last 110 kV oil circuit breaker with an SF6 circuit breaker in the "T-1" module is underway.

Also, six of the eight 35 kV oil circuit breakers were also replaced with modern dead-tank oil SF6 circuit breakers. The T-2 power transformer with a capacity of 10 MVA was replaced with a power transformer with a capacity of 16 MVA. Oil collector with oil pipe were mounted. In addition, 10 kV consumer cables were re-wired from the old 10 kV KRUN to the new 10 kV indoor switchgear.

For the full implementation of the reconstruction project until the end of 2019, it remains to replace two more 35 kV oil circuit breakers, install fire-fighting tanks and local treatment facilities, install telemetering and communication equipment, and work on the improvement of the substation territory. It should be noted that modern means of telemetering and communication, complexes of microprocessor relay protection capable of real-time monitoring of performance of all elements of the power center and timely respond to abnormal changes in equipment performance are installed at the facility.

The reconstruction of the substation will significantly increase turnaround time, will make substations more eco-friendly and increase its efficiency, which will result in reduction of operating costs of the facility and will create a reserve capacity for connecting new consumers. It is planned to complete the reconstruction of the 110/35/10 kV Substation "Katrasi" by the end of 2019.