Chuvashenergo branch started reconstruction of Kugesi 110 kV substation

27 june 2018

kugesi.jpgChuvashenergo branch of IDGC of Volga, PJSC (a member of Rosseti Group) started reconstruction of Kugesi 110/10 kV high-voltage substation (SS) located in Cheboksarskiy district of the Chuvash Republic. The total cost of the reconstruction is about 342.40 million rubles.

Kugesi 110/10 kV SS was brought into operation in 1978. Its installed power today is 20 (2x10) MVA. Works for reconstruction of this power facility are related to the need for improvement of power supply reliability and reduction of operating expenses by replacement of equipment that reached the end of its useful life.

According to the project, works will be performed here aimed at increase of the capacity and comprehensive modernization of all power grid equipment. In particular, two power transformers T-1 and T-2 with total capacity of 20 MVA will be replaced for new ones with total capacity of 50 MVA. A new modular building of 10 kV indoor switchgear bundled with a substation control building will also be constructed. On the substation territory on 110 kV side new power transformers TDN-25000/110 kV, SF6 equipment, etc. will be installed.

It is also planned to equip the facility with reliable and state-of-the-art facilities of telemetry and communication, electric power fiscal metering system, complexes of microprocessor relay protections, which are capable of real-time monitoring of operation parameters of the entire supplying center and instantly respond to occurrence of abnormal situations.

Reconstruction of Kugesi 110/10 kV SS will considerably extend the period between repairs, make substation operation more environment-oriented and will increase its energy efficiency which will result in reduction in expenses for the facility operation and will form the power reserve for connection of new consumers. Chuvashenergo branch is planning to complete reconstruction of Kugesi 110/10 kV SS in 2019.