Energoservice of Volga, JSC

Share of IDGC of Volga, PJSC in the authorized capital of Energoservice of Volga, JSC: 100 %.

Full business name: Joint-stock company «Energoservice of Volga»

Abbreviated business name: Energoservice of Volga, JSC
Location: Saratov, Russian Federation
Postal address: 308,Posadsky street, Saratov, 410005 Russian Federation
Phone: (8452) 320-324;
Internet page:  http://energoservis-volgi.ru/


- Activity on maintenance of working capacity of electric and thermal networks;
- Performance design and civil and works of  knots of the account of the electric power, hot and cold water supply;
- Designing, installation and adjustments of knots of the account of heat, gas; the process equipment;
- Civil repair works, assembly, specialized works on installation of systems of gas supply, service of objects;
- Installation and adjustment of the process equipment, boiler installations and auxiliaries;
- Installation works,  adjustment and alignment of instrumentations and units fuel consuming units (coppers and furnaces)
-  Organization and carrying out power audit, including prestarting (preoperational), primary, periodic (repeated), extraordinary, local, express inspections


Authorized capital of Energoservice of Volga, JSC makes 1 000 000 rub and is divided on 1 000 000 pieces of common stocks by par value of 1 rub everyone.
The share issue is registered by Regional office of Federal Commission on Securities of Russia in the Soth-Eastern  district on 25.03.2011, the state registration number 1-01-04598-E.


Full name: Limited liability company "Reestr-RN"
Abbreviated  name: Reestr-RN, LLC
The license: № 10-000-1-00330 it is given out on December, 16th, 2004 FSFM of  Russia
The location: 3-4, build, Podkopaevsky pereulok, 2/6, 109028, Moscow
The mailing address: postbox 4, Moscow, 115172
Contact phone: (495) 411-79-11
Fax: (495) 411-83-12
E-mail: support@reestrrn.ru
The address of the Internet page: http:// www.reestrrn.ru/